Blog: Feature Wish List

– Access/sort/filter blog entries by author
– Automatically cut off posts after so many lines and add a read more button, or should this remain at the author’s discretion? Thoughts?

8 thoughts on “Blog: Feature Wish List”

  1. Good suggestions Tim. I like being able to read the entire post on the main page without clicking on a read more link. I think since the blog puts the most recent posts at the top no matter what category they are in makes it easy for me to keep up. I am anxious to see a new banner picture at the top with a Minneapolis night skyline or something.

  2. I believe there’s a way to do #1. I’ll look into it. If I’m right, it should be really easy.

    I’ll look into #2 as well and present the options. I haven’t seen anything readily available in the settings. However, it could still be as simple as a template change.

    Still working on the email notification when someone comments. I have have it send an email to the administrator for every comment, but I’m not sure that’s the best way to go either. I’d rather read them on the site or in my RSS reader, rather than receiving an email for each one. Hopefully we can make it a preference for each author. So far, this one isn’t looking good, however.

    Grant, are you suggesting that we use Gravatar on the site for author icons?

  3. I don’t really no much about avatars, or gravatar, for that matter. I don’t know how extensively it’s used in the blogosphere. I was just throwing it out there to see what kinds of comments it spawned- if people aren’t into it, I certainly don’t mind.

    Is this something people would benefit from? Do any of us geeks have an avatar? If not, then it’s a waste of time.

  4. The only avatars that count are those made of ascii characters. The ‘graphic’ avatars are for noobs.

  5. #1 was preposterously easy. You’ll see a new section in the sidebar called Authors. Each author has a link that will show their posts. The number next to the name is how many posts the author as, well, authored.

    I’m thinking that, unless most of the rest of us want them, to skip the avatar/Gravatar thing. Installing it on the site would let people use it on comments as well. At that point, I keep thinking of all the phpBB sites with all those wacky animated images that people use and wonder what’s the point?

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