Geek Gather Organization (Fraternity)

My wife mentioned something that made me smile. She said how cool would it be to develop a national organization of geek gatherers (NAGG). She mentioned the idea, I came up with NAGG. Whether it’s stupid or not it sounded interesting. We would be the founding chapter of NAGG and the Twin Cities chapter of NAGG. :) I suppose that takes a lot of time and resources that none of us really have. For now we’ll spread the word about us and see where it goes.

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  1. Hmmm. This has potential. I really like the idea but, as you said, it could end up taking a lot of time.

    Then again, if each chapter is responsible for their own Web site and whatnot, and we’re just the hub site where we only have to maintain pointers to the various chapters, it might not be too bad.

    Someone suitably motivated could write a Web interface with a database where the “chapter head” could create an account to maintain a pointer to the chapter Web site.

    Just thinking off the top of my head here.

  2. is available, but and are taken. is taken (Loyal Order of Geek Gather (but it’s not as cool when you spell it out.))

    Then it dawned on me. If we do turn it into a thing, we already have the domain name! We’d simply use to represent the larger organization. The Geek Gather Network!

    The main page would be the network page describing our mission and whatnot, with a signup section. Each chapter would get a subdomain that would redirect to their actual chapter site.

    Scottie, if your wife wasn’t already taken I’d ask her to marry me. :-)

  3. Hazing… hmmmm… we have to think of something for new members. Oh, how about just an oath. That would be cool. Or once we have our mission they would need to memorize the mission and repeat it at the next Geek Gather. Just some thoughts. The other think that dawned on me is we should have a page dedicated to the actual gathers. It would be nice if we could put together some sort of meeting notes or review for the other geeks who couldn’t attend. Of course we could always set a side an actual hour block at the meetings and record a video podcast of it or audio podcast. :) That might be best to hit the topic for the day in an hour and record it. Thoughts anyone?

  4. I figure the meeting knows/post-even summary/review could just be a new blog entry. Certainly easier than having a whole separate interface through which we’d post the info and handle comments.

    Just my gut reaction though. I could be convinced otherwise.

    Isn’t there a Monty Python gag about swearing an oath or something? Maybe it was the Marx Brothers.

  5. There is also a feature in WordPress for individual pages that fall outside of, but are edited like, a post. Geek Gather time and place type announcement can be broken out there.

  6. Cool. We definately need to have an events page or just a little upcoming events section on the main blog page or something. Not like Michael doesn’t have enough to do. He is tha bomb, off the chain and the shiznit.

  7. Can’t wait to run Scottie’s comments through Gizoogle.

    come to think of it… here it is!

    Cool , betta check yo self. We definately need ta have an events page or jizzust a shawty blunt-rollin’ events section on tha main B-L-to-tha-izzog page or sum-m sum-m. Not like Michael doesn’t hizzle enough ta do. He is tha bizzomb, off tha chain n tha shiznit fo’ sheezy.

  8. Really, really looking far ahead. If you ever need something written up, let me know. We should potentially look into dues to cover domain and hosting costs so it isn’t all coming out of Michael’s or Patrick’s pockets. I really like what’s been done with this. I had a great time skiing, but missed the great discussions Scott told me about on Tuesday.

  9. Well, the first domain name was free, the other two (.com and .net) cost only $10 each. Seven of us chipped in to buy the domains — it’s more than covered.

    The hosting is essentially free via my Dreamhost account. I can host unlimited domains, unlimited email addresses, over 60G of disk space for $20/mo. I was already paying that to host my personal site, so it’s not like hosting costs any extra.

    Maybe we’ll think about dues next year, but I really don’t expect that to be necessary. At least not for the domains and Web hosting.

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