No it’s not just iTunes spelled backwards. I have a review of this product on my blog at:
Scottie’s Blog

It’s an iTunes-like application that allows you to easily copy songs from the iPod to the computer. Something that Apple doesn’t allow you to do out of the box.

2 thoughts on “Senuti”

  1. Thanks for the note about the other piece of software Patrick. I’ll check out Ollie’s Ipod Extractor. One of my drives recently died in my system and I lost all of my music. For the record, music isn’t a part of my home backup solution as I’m not an audiophile with 100s of albums and reripping my small CD collection isn’t the end of the world like losing things I’ve written, personal photos, or personal videos. All of my other personal data was safely and securly backed up on and off site :-) Once the new drive comes in, I plan on using Senuti to recover all of the music from my iPod thus saving a boatload of time over reripping all of my albums again.

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