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OK, you all know I am on this quest to find the best online calendaring program so my wife and I can orginize our lives with our two small children, work, pets, family, etc. I think I have found it with 30boxes. However, I just learned of a different one I have never heard of before called This not only does calendar sharing but does contact sharing in the same app. It also allows you to do multiple calendars for groups incorporating bloggin and such. Very interesting. I would love to hear your thoughts on this web app. Michael, I know you hate them all so I won’t expect one from you. :) Patrick, I expect to hear feedback from you especially please. For you geeks having new babies you might want to think of an online calendar to organize your new more busy lives with your better halves. And of course coordinating all the Dr. appts, feedings, etc for the baby (and the mental health check-ups for yourselves). OK, check airset out below, if nothing else watch the demo.

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  1. OK, I have been playing with it for a little bit. This application does not suite me at all. Web 2.0 apps that are successful do one thing and do it well (i.e. gmail, flickr). Airset does NOT do one thing and do it well. It has a very windows-like interface which is tough to navigate. All I wanted to do was create a contact and a calendar event share it and it wouldn’t let me without creating a “group” which puts a group tab at the top of the page. You can assign users to the groups and apply rights to the users. There’s integrated blogging.. blah, blah. Don’t like it, won’t use it… I still recommend 30boxes over any other online calendaring program available. I wonder if Micro-suck will do calendaring in They could piggy back there exchange server/outlook stuff. Could be interesting if they made it pretty and work in all browsers. Ha ha… I just made myself laugh… Microsoft making there stuff work in all browsers… ahhhh, never.

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