5 thoughts on “Tim & Amy & Tova”

  1. Just came from visiting young Tova- quite a sweetheart. Tim and Amy are doing well and are floating on Cloud 9. Ran into strlen and Belinda there too.

  2. You heard it here first. Internet was actually down for most of our stay – we’ll come back home tomorrow (Saturday). Email ports are blocked -of course- so communication has been crippled to some extend. We are all doing well and are very excited to come home as a family. Once we have settled in at home a bit, I will make sure to update the website, hopefully using iWeb. I am bringing back a flashcard full of photos and some DV to boot.

  3. Well, Internet never really came online at Fairview Riverside, but you get the picture, I assume. We all got back as a family tonight and are happy to be home now.

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