Win XP on the Mac, now officially supported

Apple apparently decided to not leave it up to hackers to get Win up and running on their new Intel machines. Check out Boot Camp (for now). I have no desire to run Win on my personl Mac, but if I did -like I need to at work from time to time- I would much rather run a virtual Win than having to partition my drive and make a decision each time I boot the computer. Who knows, maybe Leopard (AKA Mac OS 10.5) will include both technologies. I run Virtual PC @ work, so that I can access AutoCAD, which is not available for the Mac. Being able to run the Win PC in a window that I can open and close at will is a huge perk. And being able to access files from my Mac file server and/or local drive just like that is great, too. In any case, IMHO it’s a big step for Apple to release Boot Camp. I find it remarkable too, how they do so without endorsing M$ and the Win logo.
By the way, some of the notes on that page are quite entertaining. I especially enjoyed that passage about Win XP/Vista and EFI.

2 thoughts on “Win XP on the Mac, now officially supported”

  1. The more I think and read about this, I realize that this could be the end of the Apple as we know it. In my opinion this is bigger than the switch to Intel (which of course made bootcamp possible). But what it means is, that Apple hardware can now be used by just about anybody – clearly a decision that only a hardware company would make. I just hope that in the long run there continues to be room for the MacOS. I think there is a risk of software companies being able to say, that they don’t need a Mac version, since Win runs on Macs. However, with Apple being perfectly capable of producing software, they could actually benefit from bigger sales of Macs (due to the bigger crowd of potential customers) and use that revenue to offer more Mac software.
    For me, the Mac OS is still so much more advanced and the ease of use so enhanced versus Win, that I cannot imagine it going away. I guess we’ll have to sit tight and watch what the future holds in store. One thing is certain though. The future just got a whole lot more interesting.

  2. I was happy when the hack came out. This is even better. There are a handful of things I can only do in Windows (for example gaming like Half-Life), and this keeps it all on one box. I think you’ll see Apple sell more hardware and increase their marketshare. Definitely interesting to watch, especially as this will be integrated into 10.5.

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