Black MacBook is Here!

Here are some pictures for you of the new 13″ MacBook. It looks VERY nice. I am currently installing Parallels on it to run XP through virualization. I will keep you posted.

2 thoughts on “Black MacBook is Here!”

  1. The keypad rocks! I like it very, very much. It is much improved over the iBook. Other cool things to note are the feet on the bottom are now little domes versus those crappy rubber pegs. There is no latch button on the front, you just grab on the groove and pull it open. Ummm… I tried to install Win XP with the Parallels software but can’t get it to work. It hangs on me. Typical windows. I am going to try it again. At first I didn’t like the glossy screen but now I do like it. Sure it blows it you are outside on a sunny day, but it does make the colors look very nice on the screen. I’ll keep you posted.

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