New Banner and Other Whatnot

It was high time we replaced that picture of Richmond, VA with one of our own fine city, I installed a new banner.

The original photograph was taken by our own Tim Eian. I did a quick crop and just the tiniest levels adjustment and tossed it on-line. Many thanks to Tim for the photo!

Read on for an overview of coming minor changes.

The RSS feeds for the site seem to behave a bit odd, so I’m going to see what’s going on and try to fix them.

Also, I really want to do some preventative maintenance to guard against the comment spam we seem to get. Over the course of a couple weeks (this was about a month back, or more), we got some 100+ messages that were clearly junk. Back then I turned off comments for any posts older than the front page. I’d like to install a plugin that just automatically takes care of that task for us. I’m hoping to keep comments open to us geeks, but close them to unregistered users.

Lastly, I’d like to move the byline and category lines from the bottom of each post to just under the header. I’ll probably darken the text color, just a bit, and move them into the blue stripe, but keep them the same size. I’m not 100% sure on this one. I could get it done and decide it makes things worse.

If anyone has any comments or concerns, please let me know either via comment here or through email.

3 thoughts on “New Banner and Other Whatnot”

  1. Great work Michael! I second the motion for the changes proposed.

    Also, really great shot Tim. I like the fact that it highlights a more “industrial” side of the city which is kind of appropriate to our themes here.

    Once again, great work by all.

  2. I like the idea of moving the byline up and darkening it some. It’s hard to read and it could be more prominent.
    Thanks for ul the picture.

  3. Michael, you are king. I like the photo, nice shot Tim. Good all around. Except can you install something that makes more geeks submit more posts and more comments? Lets step it up geeks, me included.

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