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It looks like our friends at Now have finally heard the customer base and are trying to finally release a new version of Now Up To Date and Contact labeled NightHawk. For those of us using it, there seems to be hope that all of the ballast of the old code base will be shed in order to boost performance and reliability. I would certainly appreciate it. The big question remaining is whether or not Now can beat other vendors to the punch. I am most excited to see how Apple will stack up with their suite of products, as I anticipate major updates to Mail, iCal, and AddressBook in light of the iPhone this year. Your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Check out the NightHawk”

  1. Ug. My first project as the IT Business Analyst at Great Clips is to kill Now Contact. For us, it’s too little, too late. More importantly this product in it’s current state does not scale to a company of our size. They would need to do some serious sweet talking for Great Clips. Also, since we are all PC now I don’t know if NightHawk will be cross platform. And I mean REAL cross platform. Not this half ass application they threw together on Windows. Since I got my new Dell at work it takes me 3-4 times to launch the thing before it will work. Frustration is one word to sum it up. Hmmm, I didn’t mean to bash NC when I started this but there it is. I truly do hope NightHawk is a success… for other companies.

  2. Welcome to the club, Scottie. We’ve been struggling with it as well – and not for scale, but for reliability. We’ve been ready to make the switch for a awhile, but what does one switch to? In the meanwhile we are putting up with self-multiplying calendar events (yes, Patrick, we still get those) and unexpected application crashes, as well as some of the other inconsistencies during input. I am willing to give NightHawk a shot, if they seriously alter what’s under the hood. We’re not going to pay for another facelift like version 5! Are you reading this, Now Software?

  3. I’m strongly looking forward to this application leaving our environment. So far I’m liking how calls from our current calendar application (MS Exchange Calendar went live in Oct/Nov) are more “How do I…” in nature, and less “It isn’t working.” NUDC has a long way to go, imho, before they become ready for larger customers. NCT on Windows 2000 isn’t too bad. I’m not sure what changed in Windows XP to cause this, but it crashes regularly in that environment.

    Still, their take of the new product looks very interesting and promising. I dislike how there isn’t a single Windows screen shot for it though. Maybe they created a more open back end for the database underlying it?

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