LOCUS Blog (beta) now live

We started a blog for sustainable architecture at LOCUS Architecture. We are just getting off the ground, so don’t expect oodles of content just yet. I am also just learning how to administer a blog in general – I will have questions when we congregate next week ;) Any suggestions and recommendations are welcome – so is help on implementation. Here are a few questions that I have off the bat:

1) How does one activate the handy menu just above the content when writing a new post? Is this theme-based? I am using “Dark Night 2.0”.

2) How does one make the authors clickable so posts can be searched by author and there is a list of the authors on the right (similar to what’s going on on this blog)?

3) Is there a way to contact the authors directly via a link or something, and how does one implement that?

4 thoughts on “LOCUS Blog (beta) now live”

  1. #1. I’ll do some digging, but it may take a couple days.

    #2. That would be a template change, but it should be pretty easy. You should be able to set it up to use either the author’s email address (as defined in the user list), have it go to their profile page, or go to a list of posts by that author (like this site does with the list on the right).

    #3. Pretty much related to #2. Depends upon how you want to do it. I’d make #2 go to the author profile page, then have appropriate contact info on their profile. Whether that’s a phone number, email address, or Web site is up to you.

  2. I have to ask. On the LOCUS front page, the black and white photo that look like either a closet or shower stall on rails — what is it?

  3. The image you are referring to was taken in a Synagogue that we had a hand in. The item you are seeing is called an “Ark“. It holds the 10 commandments. It’s design was derived from the idea of men carrying it over their shoulders, hence the suspended box. The Ark itself is mounted above a bed of sand brought back from Israel.

  4. I am also looking to change the order of items in the sidebar. I opened up the code for the sidebar and changed some things without any effect?!

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