Geek Gather Design Open Thread

I would like to start an open thread on the design of the web site. We have been rocking this theme for a while but it is getting a little bit old on the eyes to me. Also, I think a site refresh will drive us to post here more. Kind of the idea that if it is a nice tool you will be inclined to use it more.

Towards that end, I would like to improve the look and feel of the back end. I have always found WordPress to be a bit “clunky looking” on the back end. I would like to change it to this.

Are there any objections to that?

Anyone have any suggestions for a new theme?

Post all of your ideas in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Geek Gather Design Open Thread”

  1. Well, we had previously discussed changing the theme, but I don’t have the link handy to what we had talked about before.

    It was on my plate to get the work done, but I haven’t had the time yet. I was hoping to do it the next couple weekends, but only time will tell.

    If we want to open the discussion to other possible themes, I’m totally cool with that too.

  2. I mean both the front end and the back end. I thought I could get a quick OK on the admin interface and then go make the change. Oh course, I would need admin rights to do that ;-)

  3. Backend design upgrade installed. It’ll take some getting used to, but I actually kind of like it.

    There is a WordPress software update available, but due to some unknown issue, Dreamhost’s one-click stuff can’t handle the upgrade. Instead of doing a manual upgrade, and having to do them every time, I’m going to go a more drastic route. Soon, late some night when I can’t sleep, I’m going to make a database backup, wipe the whole site, use one-click to install the current version, then restore the database. That should get us on a path so I can just use the one-click installer to handle future upgrades. I hope.

    Still trying to remember the replacement theme we had talked about before. I think I have a link in my stuff.

  4. I am okay with whatever you guys decide. I don’t know much about the backend of WordPress so any change is cool with me. From a feature standpoint I think it’d be great ot be able to create link sections for future reference. An organized blogroll of some sort. An updated GUI would not hurt either. That’s all.

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