Gutsy Gibbon

So, at the last Geek Gather I was struggling to remember the code name of the next Ubuntu release after the one due out later this month. It is…

Gutsy Gibbon

Click the link for all of the info and release dates (the final release should happen about a week or two after Micheal has decided to upgrade to Feisty Fawn).

One thought on “Gutsy Gibbon”

  1. I may have to rethink some of how I work on the laptop if releases are 6 months apart and the in-place upgrade doesn’t work.

    I’ve decided to suffer through on my damaged 6.10 install and do a full wipe when 7.04 is released stable next week.that should give me some practice with backing up my preferences and installed software list so I can get back to a tuned state as quickly as possible for future upgrades.

    Not sure why I have such high expectations for the upgrade… It’s not like in-place upgrades on Windows have truly worked right either.

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