Letting Go

I have some old systems and other random tech stuff sitting around my old house. I have been stalling for some time on getting rid of them. This has been for several reasons. First of all, I have not had the time to prepare them (wiping the hard drives and such). Secondly, I keep telling myself that I will use them for something some day (will never happen). Time to start letting go.

These items are all in working condition as of the last time I checked them. I would like to see these go to loving homes so I am giving you all first dibs:

  • I have two Bondi Blue original iMacs. These have G3 processors but I had 10.2.8 running fairly well on one of them for a while. I think one of them may have an upgraded drive (20 gig) but and not sure which.
  • I have a Grape second generation iMac G3 as well. Same story.
  • I have a 900MHz PIII Dell. It has 512megs RAM and an 80 Gig HDD. It is in a slim form factor case that stands upright – therefore, any add on cards need to be halt height. Even so, this would be a perfect machine for a linux based server. It is also pretty quiet so with a USB TV tuner/converter it could act as a Myth box.

I have some other items too. A couple of monitors (One 1st Gen Apple Studio Display in Graphite, One Dell 17inch CRT), a little outboard sound enhancer for computer speakers (hard to explain what it does exactly – makes cheap speakers sound amazing), I probably have more stuff I could get rid of too but have not gotten that far yet…

In any case, if any of this stuff sounds of interest to you shoot me an e-mail. No reasonable offer will be refused.

3 thoughts on “Letting Go”

  1. I have some interest in the Dell, but if anyone has an actual use for it, they should get it. I would take it on principle.

  2. I’m proud of you Patrick. I have a pink iMac a dark blue original iBook and a light blue original iBook. I should just let them go.

  3. I should further clarify and sweeten the deal…

    By “offer” what I mean is that it does not have to be cash. It could be a couple of hours of time helping me getting my old house on the market. It could be the promise to do some good in the world…

    In other words, I am flexible and mainly just would like to get rid of this stuff.

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