August Geek Gather Wrap Up

Here are some of the conversations had and/or overheard at last nights Geek Gather:

  • Eric discussed the state of selling Apple in enterprise environments.
  • Eric also brought his iPhone along and everyone took turns drooling all over it.
  • iShared a bit of the iLife love.
  • I also mentioned I got one of the shiny new iMacs to replace my eMac.
  • It was also espoused that most people, more specifically, IT people are self involved, thick headed idiots in general. Present company excluded of course.
  • I talked about how I found Ubuntu’s versioning schema interesting as it works by year and month of release as opposed to the traditional methods used by other companies.
  • Finally, Tim has now hooked us all on Top Gear. A UK car review show with a wicked sense of destruction.