For Sale

OK, Apple delivered. Therefore, here is what I have for sale:

  • Nokia N800 Internet Tablet in very good condition. Comes with all accessories and 2 2Gig SD cards (It has two slots). Also has a case I bought for it. Looking to get 250.00 but no reasonable offer refused.
  • 80 Gig iPod with Video (5.5G). This is less than three months old and kept in a case most of that time so it is pristine. Not sure what to ask yet on this but new it is $399.00. Once again, no reasonable offer refused.

Anyone interested in any of the above should contact me directly to discuss.

2 thoughts on “For Sale”

  1. I am afraid that I might have to join the club here. After all, this is what I have been asking for as well. Why isn’t there a Mail client on board this thing? I am not a big fan of webmail and was truly hoping to take my beloved Mail mobile.

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