Audio/Video Recording on Windows

Hello Geeks. I have a friend who is looking at doing audio/video recording on Windows. What software is the best for doing such a thing? I know on the Mac the most simply way to get A/V out to someone is the podcasting creator inside of Garage Band. Very simple, anyone can do it. On the Mac of course you have the professional tools you can use but those require a little bit more skill.

Bottom line…. does anyone know of a personal or professional level piece of software to record, edit and publish A/V content?

Thanks geeks.

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  1. I really don’t have experience recording audio on any platform, but I dabbled for a very, very short while in electronic composition.

    The company that produced the inexpensive consumer tool I used is now owned by Sony, but SoundForge and Vegas are two tools still in production. They are professional grade both in terms of features and price. See:

    The OpenSource geek in me will not let me fail to mention the free tool Audacity, though my lack of experience does not inform me as to whether it has all the features you need to accomplish your ends.

  2. Audacity! Even though I don’t do a lot of playing around with audio any more, Audacity is the shizit short of going full pro.

    On Windows, I always liked Cakewalk by Twelve Tone Software. I think it’s actually called Sonar now, and has turned into a suite of applications, but back in my synth days you couldn’t beat it.

    For video, you pretty much have Adobe Premier and then the lower grade stuff. I haven’t kept up there at all.

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