Lease an Apple?

Hi, Geeks.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m running a start up Spanish language immersion summer camp out in Vermont this year. It’s sponsored by Middlebury College, which you may know of.

We’re looking to lease some machines for the 6 week summer program to avoid having to buy. I’m looking for tips on any Apple angles for leasing machines. Anyone have experience with this?

We have 3 sites serving 150 – 250 secondary students at each site, so quantities would be reasonable.

One thought on “Lease an Apple?”

  1. The rep I worked with at First Tech while Great Clips, Inc. still had Macs was Jim Sorenson. I can have him contact you to talk leasing of Apple’s. He’s great to work with and can get you a quote for what you are looking for. Let me know.

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