June Geek Gather

OK. So I fell down on the job a bit. I blame it on way too many things to do lately. Come relieve the stress at June Geek Gather! I’m saying the 3rd Tuesday due to a variety of scheduling conflicts. We’re also back to Wilde Roast this time.

We’ll take over the parlor room, if possible. Otherwise, just look for the group wearing propeller beanies.

4 thoughts on “June Geek Gather”

  1. I will be in town for this Geek Gather and will do my best to attend. I’d love to see some of my old twin cities geek friends! Does someone have a propeller beanie I can borrow?

  2. Going to try to be there.
    Going to try to drag along some others.
    Going to leave town (for that place in the Pacific Northwest I have to visit from time to time) immediately afterwards.

  3. July 14th. Occasionally it gets switched around because of people’s schedules, but we normally try to do the 2nd Tuesday every month.

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