Playing the Airline’s Game

I recently saw a complaint posted on a social networking site whining about people who try to bring their big roller bags onto regional flights as hand luggage.  The whiner wanted people to check their baggage.

Do what now?

The airlines charge a hefty fee for the privilege of checking a bag ahead of time.  If you don’t check your bag and it doesn’t fit on the plane the airline has to gate-check the bag, which is free.  So the airline is providing an incentive for bringing big roller bags as carrion. (That’s how they pronounce it: “carrion baggage”).

Thing is, gate-checking takes more time and is more work for the gate and ground crews.  The goal, apparently, is to punish employees and annoy passengers, or to fine passengers $25 for not playing along. This is how airlines make money in the 21st century.

Either that, or it’s how the airline executives create entertainment for themselves.

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