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Not Dell

A Thumbs Down Review of my Dell Experience

Dell has a nifty little desktop unit called the Studio Hybrid. It uses a bit of laptop technology and adds a touch of flair. The result is small, attractive, efficient, and quick. Should be sweet, no? Well… it should be, but however nice this machine is it isn’t nice enough to compensate for the difficulties encountered when dealing with Dell. I won’t be getting any more of these machines, even though I could use them. I won’t be getting any more anything from Dell any time soon.

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Snow Emergency Soliloquy

Saint Paul declared a Snow Emergency last night. I had to do some driving yesterday and I know how bad it was, so the snow emergency was a good thing.

For those of you out in the suburbs, I’ll explain that Saint Paul keeps snow emergencies simple so that anyone can handle them. The night of the snow emergency you move your car off of any street with a Night Plow sign. Between 6:am and 8:am you get up and move your car back to the Night Plow streets (which have already been cleared) so that the plows can finish their work. All done in less than 24 hours.

This morning my wife got up early and moved the cars, took my son to school, did some shopping, and came home to find that a Chrysler Steroid Le Behemoth had been left in front of our house. We have a double lot, but the plows had to skip our entire section of street because of this thing. That means that we had a big pile of plowed snow where we usually park, where neighbors usually park, where the folks who go to the church at the corner on Sunday usually park, etc.

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