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Geek Gather Design Open Thread

I would like to start an open thread on the design of the web site. We have been rocking this theme for a while but it is getting a little bit old on the eyes to me. Also, I think a site refresh will drive us to post here more. Kind of the idea that if it is a nice tool you will be inclined to use it more.

Towards that end, I would like to improve the look and feel of the back end. I have always found WordPress to be a bit “clunky looking” on the back end. I would like to change it to this.

Are there any objections to that?

Anyone have any suggestions for a new theme?

Post all of your ideas in the comments.

Geek Gather Link Roll

Another fun Gather was had last night. Here are some related info and links to items discussed:

Linksys NSLU2 – This little Linux based device is what is powering the backup system Michael and I set up at my place. It has two USB 2.0 ports and an ethernet jack. Thus allowing one to share out USB drives to the network. Because it is Linux based, the code is open source and several replacement firmware projects exist. Highly hackable server the size of an iPod.

Zimbra – We are switching out groupware package here at Carleton. Here is what we are switching to. It managed to beat out Novell Groupwise and M$ Exchange. It is really coming around fast and there is an open source version.

Ubuntu – Linux that just plain works. I am a big fan and have converted Michael.

Schtickers – Once Michael finally breaks down and gets a MacBook Pro, maybe he can use these to keep anyone from knowing he is using a Mac.

New Uses for Old Macs – Tim Eian has an old Bondi G3 tower he is looking to get some use from. Here are some ideas. My favorite, especially for his ultra modern home, is to use it for home automation.

Quicksilver – I tried to get Rodney to drink the Quicksilver kool-aid by showing him these cool videos about al the things it can do.

Thanks to everyone who came. If I missed something feel free to edit this post.

PC Consultant Needed

I have a friend (home user) who is in need of a PC Consultant to help her with some issues she is having with her PC. I suspect it could be spyware/malware related but she can’t even get that far. I, as usual, am up to my elbows with stuff and can’t take a look myself in a timely manner.

Therefore, anyone want to make a few bucks or know someone who does.  I basically would like to keep her from having to go to the Geek Squad and get bent over and mugged by those goons but if I can’t find anyone else she may not have a choice.

Please e-mail me at patrick -ampersand-

Geek Gather 04.10.2007

It’s that time again! Time for another joyous gathering in celebration of our geekness. Once again, the ever comforting Chatterbox Cafe in the Highlands of Saint Paul has been chosen for this momentous occasion. “Why is this?” you might ask… They have food. They have beer. They have outlets. They have wi-fi. Those reasons alone make it worthy of our continued patronage. But it is the service, the wonderful service, that keeps us coming back month after month. Where else will they allow you to plug in a power strip as if it was your own home and still offer to refill your Strawberry Lemonade? Nowhere but the Chatterbox I say.

Prepare to meet at 6:30 PM or as soon as your time permits thereafter. We shall laugh, we shall cry, we shall share tales of magic (mine and Michael’s backup project) and wonderment (DRM free music on iTunes).

As always, be there or be opposingly right angled.

Geek Gather 2.13.2007 @ Chatterbox

Hey there everyone. Just a note to let everybody know that the next gathering will happen once again on the second Tuesday of this month at the Chatterbox Cafe. Michael reports that it went pretty well last time and, since I was not able to make it, I would like to check it out for myself.

There will be lots to talk about and share. I got a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet (using it it write this post). Michael redesigned his website (looks great). We can get an update on the digital picture frame adventure. Tim Eian is building office space way to cool for any of us… Should be a good time.

I will post full stats when we get closer to the date.

Ubuntu Help Needed

OK, here is the deal. Ever since I upgraded to the latest version of Ubuntu (6.10) my wireless networking has been funky. Sometimes it just stops working for no reason. Sometimes removing the wifi card and sticking it back in solves it. Sometimes a restart solves it. Sometimes it takes several times of doing the aformentioend actions to solve it.  Another symptiom of the issue is that I no longer get a drop down menu of available wireless networks in the Networking preferences like I did before the upgrade. It is getting pretty annoying.

That being said, I downloaded a fresh copy of the lastest version of Ubuntu thinking that there must be some way to reinstall just the base system and not touch my user settings, preferences, themes etc. (ala Mac OS X). This does not appear to be the case from what I can see.

Therefore, can anyone offer suggestions as to where I should look for possible solutions to this issue. I just use my Ubuntu Thinkpad for web stuff so going through all of these motions is a little tiresome and, if a solution proves hard, I may just wipe it all and go through settting it all up again. Suggestions would be welcome though.

Geek Gathering Followup (w/Links)

We had another good geek gathering last night. Only four of us there but good times were had and a few of us even managed to get a little work done.

That being said, in order to track some of the cool stuff that came up in conversation, we started a account. Take a look at it here.

This account is not just for geek gathers but can also be used by the group to link cool things to share between gathers. If you would like to get the password to post links, please shoot me an e-mail and I will send it to you.