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Writers Block Live

This is for all of the Mac geeks as well as anyone who may like some very facinating, first hand stories of what it is like to work for Steve Jobs and Apple. The site is Writers Block Live by my aquaintance Mike Evangelist, former Apple Product Manager and Minnesota native. He is trying some rather bold experiements. First, he is writting no-holds-barred first person accounts of “life with Steve”. Second, he is planning on publishing these various blog posts as a book. The posts are basically drafts of various parts and chapters as he is writting them. It is always aa very enjoyable read and well worth a look.

Gather is a Go!

Well it seems as if the planets are in the proper alignment and weather condition forcasts ideal to set the launch window for the next Geek Gather to March 4th, 2006 at 11:00AM. This bird will be taking off from our St. Paul location: The 627 Ashland Avenue Space Center. Here are the full deets:

  • Vehicle: Geek Gather
  • Destination: 627 Ashland Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55104
  • Coordinates: Google Map: 627 Ashland
  • Date: 3.4.2006
  • Time: 11:00:00 CST – 15:00:00 CST
  • Discussion: New uses for old tech. Have an old PC that would make a great firewall or music server? Maybe an old Mac laptop that, with a little geek love, would be good for diplaying family photos? Bring it along and we will see what we can do. Those of you with appropriate install disks (Suse, Unbuntu, Myth TV, etc.) should bring them along. Help a geek brotha out!
  • Supplies: Food, Drinks and pocket protectors.

I will follow up a little later with an e-mail out to the list but I am way overwhelmed and leaving for NYC later this week. I will also send out a 30 boxes invite to those that have me as a buddy and vice versa.

Part Time Mac Software Tech/QA Job

I have some friends at a Mac software company (no, not the one you are assuming) who are looking for someone to do some part time TS and QA work. This position could grow into full time eventually but will not be right away.

It has been posted on Craigslist here:

If anyone from our group is interested they would come with a personal recommendation from me which would carry some weight.

Cunning Stunts

Just wanted to mention what a cool thing we have taking place here. We are actually group collaborating on a blog, through posts and comment discussions, using the very blog itself. Basically blogging about building the blog we are blogging on.

If that isn’t the proof that we have all slipped into realms of geekdom that even we thought we would never reach, I don’t know what is.

Very cunning stunts indeed.