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Mac Blowout Sale – Upd. new pricing!

I am cleaning house. All of this stuff is up for grabs. Email with questions or offers. All local cash sales.

– 17-inch MacBook Pro, 2.5GHz C2D, 4GB RAM, 250GB HD, 1.5 years AppleCare left – $1,699
– 20-inch iMac 2.16GHz C2D, 3GB RAM, 750GB HD – $t.b.d.
– 14.1-inch iBook G4, 933MHz G4, 1.2GB RAM, 60GB HD (2008), high-power battery (2008) SOLD

– Apple Airport Extreme (UFO) 802.11b/g – $39
– Apple Airport Extreme Draft-N (802.11a/b/g/n) – $75
– SMC 5-port desktop gigabit network switch – $25 SOLD
– 3Com 24-port Ethernet Switch – best offer, maybe free :)
– Original Apple AirPort card (802.11b) – $39

– Iogear 7-port USB 2.0 Hub – $19 SOLD
– Apple Mighty Mouse – $25
– 250GB LaCie Porsche FireWire 400 external HD – $39 SOLD
– Apple Aluminum Keyboard with numeric pad (original packaging) – $39 SOLD
– Apple 85W MagSafe Power Adapter for MacBook and MacBook Pro – $39 SOLD

All priced to sell. timdelhey(at)gmail(dot)com

September Geek Gather this Tuesday

It appears that second Tuesday can be virtually any Tuesday of the month—at least when looking at this summer’s Geek Gather schedule. So in this tradition—and in the hope to soon return to the actual second Tuesday of the month, this month’s meeting can be attended at the home of the infamous strawberry lemonade (Chatterbox) in Saint Paul this Tuesday, 9/15 at 6.30PM.

HighDef Keynote presentation via AppleTV looping on an HDTV

Create Keynote presentation @ 1280 x 720 resolution (this is the largest HD resolution AppleTV will play natively via iTunes sync)
File: Export
select QuickTime
Playback Uses: Manual Advance (will respect timing you specified for each slide and transition)
Enter full screen mode when opened: Yes
Formats: Full Quality, Large (you can check the custom settings, make sure movie exports at 24 frames per second!)
Audio: your call
Include transparency (watch for notification)

Video Compressor: H.264
Video Size: 1280 x 720
Frames per second: 24

Open in QuickTime Pro (yes, QuickTime Pro)
View: Loop: Yes (set this tag to Yes or on! I believe this only works while the movie is playing)
File: Save

Import file to iTunes
Sync file with or onto AppleTV

Play looped Keynote presentation on AppleTV

QuickTime will actually retain slide information as chapters and allow you to jump between slides. Please note, AppleTV does not have this capability.