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Geek Gather Blog Content Link?

I was wondering if there were a way to aggregate tech-related posts from those of you who post them on your personal blogs on the geek gather blog as well? I have no clue how to do that but I would think that there is some way to feed one thing off of another in some controlled fashion—or copy and past at the very least. I would appreciate an aggregation of that kind of content in one place (not that I don’t want to see you personal blogs). At any rate—maybe we can discuss this at the next GG.

“Free” Windows XP Antivirus App?

Windows Users,
I am running XP Pro in Parallels on my Mac for occasional uses that require it. I’ve been using Parallels “free” Kasperky subscription, which is now coming to an end. For what I use it, I don’t want to pony up $60 per year for something like that. My two questions are 1) Do I really need to run an app like that (I assume the answer is a resounding “yes”) and 2) What is a low cost/no cost alternative to Kaspersky? Please advise. Thanks!

iPhone 3g has landed

I partook in the madness and waited in line. Four hours to be exact. The wait: boring, the buying experience: perfect. Less than 5 minutes to transfer my number from t-mobile. I skipped activation in the store as it appeared to be rocky. Did it from home later without glitches. First impression: amazing piece of hardware. Used it to write this post.

TE Studio now open for business

I’ll use the opportunity to announce that my new company, TE Studio, is now open for business. You may find details on what we do at There is also a blog at that I am looking to slowly populate as I move forward. The main focus of TE Studio will be something called Passive House design, a standard that is just now coming to the US from Europe, which promises to cut up to 90% of the space heating and cooling energy. It is the highest certified low energy standard available today. I look forward to your comments.

A plug for Airfoil

At the last GG it turned out that some don’t know about Airfoil. Rogue Amoeba’s little software tool allows one to stream any audio playing on a Mac or Win computer to an Airport Express base station. We use this quite a bit in our office to listen to Pandora through our networked speakers. The features I like are “link to system volume” and the ability to playback the same signal through both on the host computer and the Express base station at the same time. Check it out at: