See Music, Hear Colors

There is evidence, beyond the recollections of LSD users, that the human brain makes a strong association between colors and sounds, specifically music. Based on that idea, this guy has come up with Colour Player. The idea is that you generate these color-music associations and then create playlists by selecting colors. Very interesting. A beta is available for, uh, Windows.

What working in IT really means…

David Pogue of the NY Times has an interesting opinion piece about what working in IT really means
and brings up a lot of discussion about Macs vs PCs and why, generally speaking, corporate IT continues to stay with Microsoft strategies instead of moving towards more open source models or Macs. The comments to this piece are equally interesting to read although there was a strong-biased towards Mac which may have had to do with Pogue being very much a Mac user. He does use Windows although it is primarily for Dragon Naturally Speaking, a Windows-only product for translating the spoken word into text on a screen.

New File System in 10.5?

Interesting editorial about Time Machine. I wasn’t too impressed with the application although it will certainly simplify things for home users. What I was impressed about is how by implementing it, there is a strong chance Apple may be moving from the old HFS+ file system to ZFS which has many significant advantages.

GGD – postponed

Alright geeks. I have a count of 2 coming to the GGD on Sat. for a few hours. Maybe a late summer GGD was not the greatest of ideas. I will be picking a new weekend in the near future for either a regual afternoon GGM or maybe try another attempt at a GGD. For now we are postponed.

who’s your DSL provider?

Ok brothers,

2 weeks ago I finally had enough with my cable connection and called to cancel. They talked me into trying RoadWalker instead of Earthmissinglink and I told them I’d give it a try but if the drop outs continued I was walking.

I’m walking.

So here’s your chance to plug your favorite ISP. I’m looking for a simple ADSL that runs over my existing line 1.5 Mbps is enough, I suppose, though I’d be amenable to giving up my qwest phone service all together if there’s some kind of VoIP/DSL bundle out there that’s worth it.

What do you know?