September Geek Gather this Tuesday

It appears that second Tuesday can be virtually any Tuesday of the month—at least when looking at this summer’s Geek Gather schedule. So in this tradition—and in the hope to soon return to the actual second Tuesday of the month, this month’s meeting can be attended at the home of the infamous strawberry lemonade (Chatterbox) in Saint Paul this Tuesday, 9/15 at 6.30PM.

I Like Doing Business with General Nano.

The shop is something like an auto parts store. There’s a long counter, and most of the parts and surly sales assistants are kept behind it. Customers stand on the other side and wait their turns. You would almost expect to see a little machine dispensing numbered tickets, but no one calls your number here. If the shop is crowded, you need to be a little assertive. Stand at the bar and stare at whomever is most likely to be free to help you next.

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