…And Thanks For All The Fish

Well, the time has come. Consider this the official pronouncement that Geek Gather is no more.

I started Geek Gather several years ago as an attempt to have a once a month time to get together with my fellow geek friends and talk tech without boring the non-geeks in our lives — and maybe collaborate or connect on the occasional project or two. The idea came from my wife, Bethany’s, own “Stitch and Bitch” sessions with her girlfriends where they would do the same (with a decidedly more female and crafty bent).

Over the many years, there have been evenings where a dozen of us have been there and others where it has only been two. All have been worth the time and I cherish each one. That said, as of the past several months, it has mostly been just a couple of us or, at most, three. And while I certainly enjoy the company, I have decided that that time slot spent away from my family could be better allocated to more purposeful pursuits. Michael (the usual number two with me in recent months) agreed and, thus, we have decided to put an end to Geek Gather now.

That said, we will be at The Chatterbox this evening if you swing by. We will be holding our first meeting of our replacement endeavor, The Finishing School, which I welcome all to join. Even if not, you will be welcome at the table all the same.

So, thanks agin for the years of wonderful memories and may we all gather again around other tables soon.

Patrick Rhone
December, 2012