Once more, with FEELING!

Many seasons have passed since Patrick, wise and benevolent and kind, looked out over the realm he had helped create and declared the order of geeks, which once gathered regularly in this domain, was to be no more.  He laid down the calling horn and left the realm, venturing on to distant lands in a changed world. This brought a silence down upon the land. This was the end of the First Age.

Time passed and the silence was broken. Shattered it was, though not by a horn… instead, by a whisper. A small stirring of geeks, brought together by a certain large moose, came searching softly but diligently through the realm. They came seeking out those geeks that once had gathered but still remained, as well as new geeks who would join their cause. Whispers became banter, banter became discussion, discussion filled with emphatic gesticulation, and a rally of gathering soon formed into the dawn of the Second Age.

Now we sound the horns again! Now we gather, geeks one and all!

…and if you’re still reading this, you’re probably one of us, too. ;) Welcome to the new GeekGather.org!