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Not Dell

A Thumbs Down Review of my Dell Experience

Dell has a nifty little desktop unit called the Studio Hybrid. It uses a bit of laptop technology and adds a touch of flair. The result is small, attractive, efficient, and quick. Should be sweet, no? Well… it should be, but however nice this machine is it isn’t nice enough to compensate for the difficulties encountered when dealing with Dell. I won’t be getting any more of these machines, even though I could use them. I won’t be getting any more anything from Dell any time soon.

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iPhone 3g has landed

I partook in the madness and waited in line. Four hours to be exact. The wait: boring, the buying experience: perfect. Less than 5 minutes to transfer my number from t-mobile. I skipped activation in the store as it appeared to be rocky. Did it from home later without glitches. First impression: amazing piece of hardware. Used it to write this post.

Audio/Video Recording on Windows

Hello Geeks. I have a friend who is looking at doing audio/video recording on Windows. What software is the best for doing such a thing? I know on the Mac the most simply way to get A/V out to someone is the podcasting creator inside of Garage Band. Very simple, anyone can do it. On the Mac of course you have the professional tools you can use but those require a little bit more skill.

Bottom line…. does anyone know of a personal or professional level piece of software to record, edit and publish A/V content?

Thanks geeks.

Lease an Apple?

Hi, Geeks.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m running a start up Spanish language immersion summer camp out in Vermont this year. It’s sponsored by Middlebury College, which you may know of.

We’re looking to lease some machines for the 6 week summer program to avoid having to buy. I’m looking for tips on any Apple angles for leasing machines. Anyone have experience with this?

We have 3 sites serving 150 – 250 secondary students at each site, so quantities would be reasonable.

iMac G5 2.16GHz 20″ For Sale

My friend Peter is parting with his iMac G5. The machine is in excellent condition and still has over one year of Apple Care warranty left on it, too. Here are the specs in short:

– Last PowerPC-based G5 generation, 2.16GHz
– 1.5GB RAM
– 250 GB HD
– 20″ LCD
– Built-in iSight Camera
– Keyboard, Mighty Mouse
– SuperDrive
– 128MB ATI Graphics Card
– Airport Extreme Networking
– 3 USB2 ports
– 2 Firewire 400 ports

Best offer!

Please contact via email:

Mac Mini (Intel) RAM upgrade

In case anyone cares, I just recently upgraded the RAM in a MacMini (Intel) using these instructions:
The implant was a success thanks to these great instructions, however you do want to make sure you have the proper tools for the job, which, thanks to implants into various generations of iBooks, I happened to have. Good Luck upgraders!

Geek Gather Top Tip: Noise-canceling headphones

It’s probably too late to make any serious Christmas recommendations but I think there may still be room for a “Geek Gather Top Tip”. I recently purchased a set of Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7 noise-canceling headphones, which I find absolutely fabulous. I also own a set of Sennheiser PCS-250s, which just recently broke. In comparison, the ATs are a much better set of headphones and Amazon happens to have a great deal on them right now, hence the report. Continue reading Geek Gather Top Tip: Noise-canceling headphones

Powerbook G4 Hard Drive Replacement

I need a good set of instructions for breaking down my PB G4 to replace the HD. I came across a very good site a while back that had screen shots and very detailed instructions. However I cant find it now and apparently I neglected to bookmark it.

If anyone has a link or website to share I would appreciate the info. In the mean time i’ll keep searching.