Lombard upgrade

I got my hands on a vintage Lombard (Apple PowerBook G3), which is in pretty good shape. I’d like to use it for webstuff around the house, if I can upgrade it to OS X. It currently sports a whopping 64MB of RAM, so I am hoping to find an extra PC66 144pin SO-DIMM with at least 128MB of RAM and a HD with at least 10GB of storage space. Any chance one of you has some spare parts floating around that match these specs?

Represent your hood!

Posting this here as it is the best way to get the word out to everyone all at once…

I am not sure I have the home mailing address for all of my Geek Gather peeps. If you would like to get an officially printed and postal mailed invitation to the wedding reception, then “own up and represent your hood” as the kids like to say. Send your info to patrick-at-patrickrhone.com.

Full details on the wedding, reception and the state of the union can be had here.

More Virtualization rumors – OS 10.5 with Windows XP API

This was originally posted on Slashdot so many of you may have already read it. http://www.pbs.org/cringely/pulpit/pulpit20060420.html

Cringley writes that one possibility that may come out of 10.5, in addition to a completely new kernel, is utilizing the Windows API – which they should have had access to due to the ’97 five year deal between Microsoft and Apple – and integrating it into the new version of the OS. This would allow users to run Windows XP applications in 10.5 without the need to install the entire bloated OS. I’m not quite sure how well this would work for applications that need DirectX (read games), but this is definitely an interesting theory. I agree with others here that virtualization is the holy grail of IT right now. How it pans out between VMWare, Parallels, and others will certainly remain an interesting topic.

Shaky IDF demo shows off voice-command functions

I reposted this because I found it interesting. I feel that audio control is going to be the next big step in interfacing with electronics. The sad part is, we seem to be far from a successful solution…

Intel’s voice-activated remote-control prototype doesn’t behave for Don McDonald, vice president and general manager of Intel’s digital home group. McDonald demonstrated the remote during his keynote speech at the spring 2006 Intel Developers Forum in San Francisco.