Backing up a small business, Help wanted

Does anybody have any thoughts on how to successfully backup a growing small business? We have a total of about 100GB that we currently backup on a daily basis to an external 2.5″HD (very portable). The amount of backup storage we need is increasing at a slow but steady rate, so that we will be exceeding it within a few weeks. When we do, I have to manually archive files on the client computers to reduce the amount of data that gets backed up. This is very time consuming and defeats the purpose of the automated task idea. In addition, there is only one backup set. The data gets overwritten/added on to on a daily basis. FYI, we run Dantz Retrospect to pull the files from 5 clients and one server (all OS X).

So here are the two goals we are trying to achieve:
1) Increased backup security by going to 2 or more sets (Right now there is only one medium, and once that gets overwritten or if it should ever break, there is no other backup layer)
2) Increased storage capacity to allow for future growth (Right now we have to either manually archive or buy a bigger HD each time we exceed our current GB limit)

Any thoughts on the subject are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tim.

Kickin’ It Old School #12

Found via Uncrate, there’s a guy who makes Nixie Wrist Watches. At first it looks a bit odd with just a two digit display, until you realize that the thing has a tilt sensor built in. Rotate your wrist one way for hours, and slightly differently for minutes.

At $395, it’s kind of expensive. Then again, it’s not like Nixie tubes are actually made any more.

I’m still tempted to find or build a Nixie wall clock. Preferably something with big digits that you could read from 20 feet away.

Linux Public Web Terminal

The Dunn Bros on Washington Ave (north loop) has two Linux-based free web terminals. They’re well done too. The interface is KDE 3.3, but they’ve limited what the user can do so that you can basically open Firefox. Right-clicking is disabled, they’ve limited the KDE menus and the menus within Firefox as well (no ‘open location’ and browse the system).

Everyone go buy a cup of coffee there to thank them for using Linux.