Attempting ‘all-in-one’ PC Mod–Turning Garbage into Gold!

Hey, folks!  I just grabbed an old all-in-one pc off the scrap heap, and I am going to try to convert it into something actually useful – a touchscreen bar-top jukebox.  Only problem, I want to do it on the cheap!  Can I get some feedback regarding any ‘skinable’ open source setup that I might be able to put on this thing?

Tech specs — It’s got a honking POWERHOUSE under the hood!  Celeron 566 with 512 of PC133 on an ultra modified mATX framework (I think).  It’s a crap heap, but hey, it comes with a 15.4″ LCD screen with a 2.5″ flat bezel frame and a decently sturdy and quiet case.  I may be stripping this down and airbrushing some nice enamel on it, but who knows.  The value price of FREE was well within my budget!

Any sage advice from the GG Open Source crowd would be greatly appreciated!  I would think it would be cool if there was some Media Center like apps out there that could run on this, that shows album art with a customizable GUI.

Any ideas?

Online Credit Card Fraud

I was going to mention this yesterday but I didn’t get to it. I had to recently get my credit card renewed due to fraudulent activity by two online outfits: CCBILLEU and Both for smaller amounts and supposedly for subscription services. As I was talking to Visa, they realized that those are fraudulent operations and that my credit card had been compromised. So, while I am waiting for a new card, I just wanted to alert all of you to the fact. It pays to check those statements every once in a while. Unfortunately, I have no further information on how this happend and how many people are affected by it. Just be on the lookout.

After the Gather

Damn that other Tim and his speedy posting! Despite *his* follow-up post, I will still post my post, and *I* will have links! What was discussed at the Geek Gather, you ask?

Replacement Firmware for MP3 Players

The Magic of Zune

FreeBSD, Solaris for x86

Parallels: Virtualization for the Mac 

VMWare: Virtualization for Everyone Else 

MS Office on Linux/Mac via Crossover Office

LinkedIn: What’s it good for?

And probably a few other things.

Geek Gather, follow up

For those of you who couldn’t make it yesterday, we had a good turnout with about nine of us populating the area surrounding the fireplace at Dunn Bros. We saw some IntelMacs first hand, surfed the web with Ubuntu, talked about virtualisation, music, music players – and I am sure a whole lot more that I did not overhear. So join us again next time – we will announce time and place on this website, as ususal.