Azureus makes Airport disappear

I observed a bug where every time I shut down the Azureus client (v3.0.4), my Apple Airport Extreme 802.11n base station disappears. I already exchanged one station figuring it had died and accidently observed this behaviour while closing the Azureus app and having the Airport Utility open at the same time. Close Azureus, there goes the Airport station. Only a hard reset brings it back. I guess I am staying away from Azureus for now. What are people using that for, anyways? :)

Thanks for the info

I was able to download that software using internet explorer and activeX, thanks for the tip.  The macbook is sooo much quicker in both VM and OSX with the added memory.  Thanks for helping me out. I would like to actually make an actual gather on of these times.  Thanks for having my talking head over.