Geek Gather on Twitter

There now is a Geek Gather Twitter account setup. This will be used for announcements of events, blog postings, etc. Simply follow and you will receive posts. This will require you have a Twitter account, but come on already, all the cool kids are doing it.

I am looking for suggestions and feedback as to what to post and current thoughts are the following:

  • Event announcements
  • Links to member blog posts
  • Other news pertinent to the GG crowd

If you want to post something to the Geek Gather account, please contact me out-of-band for info.

“Free” Windows XP Antivirus App?

Windows Users,
I am running XP Pro in Parallels on my Mac for occasional uses that require it. I’ve been using Parallels “free” Kasperky subscription, which is now coming to an end. For what I use it, I don’t want to pony up $60 per year for something like that. My two questions are 1) Do I really need to run an app like that (I assume the answer is a resounding “yes”) and 2) What is a low cost/no cost alternative to Kaspersky? Please advise. Thanks!