WordPress 2.5 Upgrade!

It took some doing, but I got the site upgraded to WordPress 2.5!

Our previous version was 2.0.2, and it was far enough behind that the automatic updater didn’t work right — even though it was supposed to. Lots of database fiddling ensued, but I got it done. That’ll teach me to wait on upgrades, that’s for sure.

Two things we lost:

  1. The Tiger-style admin screens. The plugin that handled this feature doesn’t work with WordPress 2.5.
  2. The spell checker for posts. I could not find a suitable replacement for the new version. I’ll keep an eye out, but most operating systems and browsers take care of this in-line these days, so I don’t know how necessary it actually is.

Please let me now if you find anything funky and I’ll see what I can do to fix it.

iMac G5 2.16GHz 20″ For Sale

My friend Peter is parting with his iMac G5. The machine is in excellent condition and still has over one year of Apple Care warranty left on it, too. Here are the specs in short:

– Last PowerPC-based G5 generation, 2.16GHz
– 1.5GB RAM
– 250 GB HD
– 20″ LCD
– Built-in iSight Camera
– Keyboard, Mighty Mouse
– SuperDrive
– 128MB ATI Graphics Card
– Airport Extreme Networking
– 3 USB2 ports
– 2 Firewire 400 ports

Best offer!

Please contact via email: pjy@speakeasy.net

For the Open Source Followers Among Us

Bruce Parens is up for a seat on the OSI (Open Source Initiative) board. You can read more about them at http://opensource.org/, but the short version is that they help educate and advocate the benefits of Open Source. They also act as a standards body to maintain the Open Source Definition — basically the traits that make up what Open Source is.

Please read up on the subject, then go sign the petition so that he may be elected to the OSI board.

Thank you!

GGM 2008.03.11

In spring a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love…for Strawberry Lemonade. Yes, it’s time once again for our perennial favorite, Geek Gather! Yes, I know it’s technically not spring yet, but I’m bored with winter so I’ve decided to just move on.

  • Geek Gather
  • 6:30pm
  • Tuesday 2008.03.11
  • Chatterbox Cafe, Saint Paul, MN

Directions are here Google Maps if anyone needs them.