InfoSec Meetups

There’s been a growing trend of InfoSec meetups from a group called CitySec. Well, someone finally got around to arranging a MinneSec. I’ll be there. There are rules:

No vendor pitches. No compliance check box Olympics. No membership dues. No PHB.

July 26, 2007 at 6pm

The Local
931 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN

Geek Gather Followup

Sorry for the slight delay. Here are some of the topics of conversation overheard at this month’s Geek Gather:

  • No, Patrick does not have an iPhone and wont be getting one until his Verizon contract runs out.
  • Michael and Patrick are still rocking Ubuntu only on their PC laptop boxen because Windows is teh suck.
  • Patrick provided a sneak peak at OmniFocus.
  • Rodney has adopted the always-connected-to-the-node cyborg look that is all the rage by getting a Jawbone.
  • Patrick attempted to hid his jealously of Rodney’s purchase by smugly whipping out his new Fountain Pen and acting like a complete pompous jackass. Misguided vanity overtakes him sometimes.
  • Tim Eian challenges us all to try to beat his carbon footprint score. (I think it is 14)
  • Turbo Tim showed off his Motorola Q.
  • Much discussion ensued about work ethics, attitude and regulation differences between the US and Europe. The Europeans work less, but still kick America’s less than productive asses despite this fact.

That is all I can remember for now. If anyone else would like to chime in, please do so in the comments.