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Audio/Video Recording on Windows

Hello Geeks. I have a friend who is looking at doing audio/video recording on Windows. What software is the best for doing such a thing? I know on the Mac the most simply way to get A/V out to someone is the podcasting creator inside of Garage Band. Very simple, anyone can do it. On the Mac of course you have the professional tools you can use but those require a little bit more skill.

Bottom line…. does anyone know of a personal or professional level piece of software to record, edit and publish A/V content?

Thanks geeks.

Lease an Apple?

Hi, Geeks.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m running a start up Spanish language immersion summer camp out in Vermont this year. It’s sponsored by Middlebury College, which you may know of.

We’re looking to lease some machines for the 6 week summer program to avoid having to buy. I’m looking for tips on any Apple angles for leasing machines. Anyone have experience with this?

We have 3 sites serving 150 – 250 secondary students at each site, so quantities would be reasonable.


I’m thinking of converting a bunch of old sentimental VHS tapes to DVD for my parents for Christmas.
Anyone have a suggestion for the in-between converter or have one I could possibly borrow?

I’d be going from VHS to firewire in a Mac.  I just want to convert the video into a new format and keep all the raw footage for maybe a project down the road.

Simple and cost-effective are both at the top of my list.

Backing up a small business, Help wanted

Does anybody have any thoughts on how to successfully backup a growing small business? We have a total of about 100GB that we currently backup on a daily basis to an external 2.5″HD (very portable). The amount of backup storage we need is increasing at a slow but steady rate, so that we will be exceeding it within a few weeks. When we do, I have to manually archive files on the client computers to reduce the amount of data that gets backed up. This is very time consuming and defeats the purpose of the automated task idea. In addition, there is only one backup set. The data gets overwritten/added on to on a daily basis. FYI, we run Dantz Retrospect to pull the files from 5 clients and one server (all OS X).

So here are the two goals we are trying to achieve:
1) Increased backup security by going to 2 or more sets (Right now there is only one medium, and once that gets overwritten or if it should ever break, there is no other backup layer)
2) Increased storage capacity to allow for future growth (Right now we have to either manually archive or buy a bigger HD each time we exceed our current GB limit)

Any thoughts on the subject are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tim.

Black costs $150?!

So the new iBooks, the MacBooks, are finally here. The feature set looks great and the pricepoints are okay, too. That’s for the white MacBooks. I spent a few minutes comparing the white 2.0GHz and the black 2.0GHz. Same specs, except 20GB more HD (a $50 option on the white MacBook) and couldn’t find any other differences, other than the color that is. So does black really cost $150 or am I just dazed?