Geek Gather 6.12.07

Mark your calendars, geeks. The next GG is on at the Chatterbox in St. Paul (any objections?) on 6.12.2007 around or after 6.30PM. Does anybody have a specific topic they’d like to highlight? I intend to bring some vacation pictures from Portugal in case anyone cares to see them. By then I should also be able to talk about my hands-on experience with Lacie’s Ethernet Disk (and mini server). I look forward to seeing you and catching up.

So who’s gonna get an iPhone?

With the release date of the iPhone nearing—at least according to the rumours sections of our beloved geek news websites— I am wondering who will actually get one?

Personally, I hardly ever use a cell phone and I am not looking to have a steady relationship with “Raising the bar”, aka “We’re not happy ’til you’re not happy” wireless. I am much more interested in an iPhone without the phone—or at least without the GSM component. The thought of using it for my Skype or VOIP connections however is quite interesting. Using its 3G connectivity for mobile internet access (or access for my dated iBook) sound pretty good, too. So what I am describing is probably less the iPhone but a product that could be the iPhone, in my ideal world. At any rate, this means that I won’t be getting one anytime soon.

So my question is, once again, who is getting one, and how do you see yourself using it. “Buler? Buler? Buler?”

A Little Self Promotion

It’s been a while since I’ve submitted anything to JPG Magazine, but when they announced that the “Are You Ready to Rock” theme was slated for an upcoming issue, I knew exactly which image to submit.

It’s a picture of a guy named Taylor Hollingsworth. I saw him open for Roger Clyne (one of my favorite bands) about a year ago and he just kicked ass. He has an amazing amount of energy and a monster blues-rock sound. Ask me to play some of his stuff for you some time and you’ll see what I mean.

Please go vote and maybe I’ll make the magazine.