Not Dell

A Thumbs Down Review of my Dell Experience

Dell has a nifty little desktop unit called the Studio Hybrid. It uses a bit of laptop technology and adds a touch of flair. The result is small, attractive, efficient, and quick. Should be sweet, no? Well… it should be, but however nice this machine is it isn’t nice enough to compensate for the difficulties encountered when dealing with Dell. I won’t be getting any more of these machines, even though I could use them. I won’t be getting any more anything from Dell any time soon.

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March Geek Gather Announcement

While the weather outside is warming up, my brain is still a bit frozen. So no witty repartee this time. No strawberry lemonade either.

NOTE: This month we’re on the 3rd Monday, not the 2nd Tuesday. It just worked out better for people’s schedules.

We’ll take over the parlor room, if possible. Otherwise, just look for the group with all the pocket protectors.

Be there or be opposingly right angled.

Anyone need a G4?

Hey, folks–I have a G4 with no HD that may or may not be functional (I don’t know without the HD) that I liberated from the recycling at work. It is the 800MHz version, and it looks to have 768MB of SDRAM –Here’s the link to the guts: [LINK]

Price? Cheap. Like FREE, or maybe a Diet Coke at a GG!

March Geek Gather


Time for the March Geek Gather. Sadly, I won’t be able to make it, and I believe Patrick will be out of town as well. Therefore, I have no opinion on where to hold it.

  • Geek Gather
  • 6:30pm
  • Tuesday 2009.03.10
  • TBD

Who wants to go where and I’ll be happy to update the announcement accordingly.

P.S. if you follow @geekgather on Twitter, you can see these announcements and notifications of new posts on the blog.

That is all.