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“Free” Windows XP Antivirus App?

Windows Users,
I am running XP Pro in Parallels on my Mac for occasional uses that require it. I’ve been using Parallels “free” Kasperky subscription, which is now coming to an end. For what I use it, I don’t want to pony up $60 per year for something like that. My two questions are 1) Do I really need to run an app like that (I assume the answer is a resounding “yes”) and 2) What is a low cost/no cost alternative to Kaspersky? Please advise. Thanks!

More Virtualization rumors – OS 10.5 with Windows XP API

This was originally posted on Slashdot so many of you may have already read it.

Cringley writes that one possibility that may come out of 10.5, in addition to a completely new kernel, is utilizing the Windows API – which they should have had access to due to the ’97 five year deal between Microsoft and Apple – and integrating it into the new version of the OS. This would allow users to run Windows XP applications in 10.5 without the need to install the entire bloated OS. I’m not quite sure how well this would work for applications that need DirectX (read games), but this is definitely an interesting theory. I agree with others here that virtualization is the holy grail of IT right now. How it pans out between VMWare, Parallels, and others will certainly remain an interesting topic.

VM on Intel Macs

As some of you may have already seen, Parallels -a company specialized in vm ware- is now offering v2.1 of their workstation virtualization software for Intel Macs. This is much more along the lines of Virtual PC and IMHO a more interesting approach for running a guest OS on the Mac. This makes me want to go out and get my hands on an Intel Mac to testdrive… Maybe one of you guys is in a position to test this (Patrick?). Certainly an interesting topic for a GG&M.