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I have two monitors that are up for grabs.

The first is a Hitachi SuperScan Pro 800 that I got from Patrick a few months back. It’s got a 15-pin VGA connector, the digital on-screen display settings, and it works great. I think I have a 6′ cable for this one, but I’ll have to check.

The second is a 20″ Hitachi monitor of slightly older vintage, model number unknown, but I can find out of you want. I got it in the mid-90’s, but can’t remember exactly what year. The hookups on the back are RGB plus H-sync and V-sync. I have a 6′ video cable for this one that goes to a 15-pin VGA connector on the computer side.

Either one, or both, are free to a good home. Send me mail with any questions or to lay claim to one. I’d even drop them off for you, as long as you’re in the Twin Cities Metro area.

If I don’t get any takers here, they go on FreeCycle next week.