Meet the Geeks

An email list currently comprised of 27 people (or so), Geek Gather & Munch was first created by Patrick Rhone. It started with 8 or 9 of us and first convened April 2, 2005 at Patrick’s house. Since then, our merry band of geeks have managed to gather about once a month to enjoy geek culture, tech talk, and geek food and drink.

Though going on hiatus for about two years, in 2014 fellow geeks Chris Hertel and Jose Rivera presumptuously started gathering other geeks at given locations during specific times. They called such things Geek Gathers. Patrick, wise and benevolent and kind, saw fit to pardon this transgression and allowed them to continue. Thus the tradition continues!

Based in the Twin Cities, we hope to spread the love and would like to see other GGM chapters created in other areas. We are geeks, we are strong, and we are not alone.

What's more frightening than a room full of geeks?