Cisco VPN Geek?

This is from my friends over at The Foundation, a local consulting group and an all around great bunch of folks:

The Foundation may be looking for someone who can install, configure and troubleshoot Cisco VPN routers.  Do you know anyone who does this kind of thing and would be available occasionally?  We currently work with one group exclusively and they are not as reliable as we would like, so we are looking for more options.  It usually amounts to 3-8 hours per month.

If interested, please contact me via e-mail annd I will do the hookup.

4 thoughts on “Cisco VPN Geek?”

  1. You know, I think my friend Per might be interested in this specific thing. Especially for those kind of hours.

    I’ll point him in your direction and let him have at it.

  2. I think we are okay right now, but the next time we need support, I’d like to be able to talk to someone. I am sure that the Foundation will provide support, so, whichever way it times out, will be fine. That Cisco router works so well – it hardly ever needs any support. I guess a change in our office setup could trigger one. Tim Erlin was talking about a setup where everybody uses the VPN, even from within the office, and in addition we’d offer a free wireless access point for webaccess. I might want to look at that at some point. Probably when we move our office location. A lot of things will have to fall into place though before that happens.

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