Geek Gather and SWAT

It has been really quiet here lately. I know this past year has been a busy time for everyone. I mean, just looking back at the posts on the blog tells the tale… Bethany and I got marriedTim and Amy had a baby… Scottie got more new Macs than anyone deserves (and a few other things he didn’t)… Gathers were attempted but not every one occurred. It is nobody’s fault. Just the way things have been.

One of my original reasons for organizing the first Geek Gather was the idea that it would be a regular place for me and my overworked and time stretched friends to get together, hang out, eat some munchies and – here is the key – have an environment for working on projects that would allow for inspiration and possible collaboration. Basically, I envisioned a regular time to get some of those tech type things done that I otherwise put off due to lack of time, motivation, expertise or just having others around to bounce an idea off of while at the same time getting a chance to see my friends. Therefore, I am going to propose a new model for Geek Gather that I think may work out better.

Repeat, this is a proposal. I just want to throw an idea out there to see what others think.

One of the growing trends in the freelance/independent/blogging communities is the idea of S.W.A.T. – Solos Working Alone Together. At it’s basis, it is about geeks gathering to get things done. Getting together on a regular basis at a predetermined location to hang out, work on projects, swat away at those mosquito tasks that have been nipping at your knees and have others of like mind joining for productivity and pleasure. In other words, this is what I hoped geek gather would be in the first place. Why don’t we just have a regular monthly or bi-monthly gathering at a coffee shop that is centrally located with lots of outlets and good wifi? Folks that can make it can. Others can make it the next time. The idea is that if it is a regular thing in a set location no one will feel guilty if only a couple of folks show up.

6 thoughts on “Geek Gather and SWAT”

  1. I’m all for it. I’d say monthly. More often and people would get bored and stop showing up regularly.

    Of course, we’d want someplace with WiFi and that hopefully wouldn’t mind us stealing some power here and there. Something with food and perhaps beer for those that want it.

  2. I am up for it. I really enjoy the social aspect of it and for that matter whether at a bar or somone’s house doesn’t matter to me. We can also travel from one place to the next if that doesn’t involve too much planning. Count me in.

    Oh, and for those of you who think that they are not geeky enough – please consider that there is no minimum requirement on how much you need know to be a part of the group. My philosophy has always been that there aren’t any stupid questions – just stupid answers. So come along for the social aspect and pick up on some of the tech stuff while you are there.

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