Powerbook G4 Hard Drive Replacement

I need a good set of instructions for breaking down my PB G4 to replace the HD. I came across a very good site a while back that had screen shots and very detailed instructions. However I cant find it now and apparently I neglected to bookmark it.

If anyone has a link or website to share I would appreciate the info. In the mean time i’ll keep searching.



4 thoughts on “Powerbook G4 Hard Drive Replacement”

  1. Well not 30 seconds after I posted my request for a link…. I find the site I have been looking for for the past hour. ifixit.com

    Thanks anyway!


  2. That site is awesome. I have used it many times to break apart an eMac, an iBook, a Mac Mini and a 12″ Aluminum PowerBook. It never fails.

  3. I actually found a great resource to upgrade RAM for a MacMini on applefritter.com
    I suppose there are multiple sources out there. Good Luck.

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