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April’s Latest Book

(Updated) WordPress 3 Complete is out. This is April’s (not the month, the geek) latest publication. It’s a complete rewrite of the earlier editions for WordPress 2.x that she co-authored.  This one’s entirely April’s.

WordPress 3 Complete
April's WordPress 3 Book


It took me longer than expected to read this.  There’s a lot of information presented here, and it turns out that WordPress itself is bigger than I had imagined.  It seems that there’s a whole culture that has grown up around this stuff, which is good because it means that the environment is rich and the possibilities are great, but it also means that it is easy to get lost.  That’s why it’s helpful to have a native guide, and that brings us back to April’s book.
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KDE 4 and the Dismal State of the Linux Desktop

There has been a lot of push over the past many years to get more Linux onto more desktops. That’s fine, as long as the pushers keep in mind that an Operating System is, fundamentally, a means and not an end. Similarly, desktop environments are neither the journey nor the destination—they are, at most, the steering wheel and the dashboard.

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I Like Doing Business with General Nano.

The shop is something like an auto parts store. There’s a long counter, and most of the parts and surly sales assistants are kept behind it. Customers stand on the other side and wait their turns. You would almost expect to see a little machine dispensing numbered tickets, but no one calls your number here. If the shop is crowded, you need to be a little assertive. Stand at the bar and stare at whomever is most likely to be free to help you next.

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