Black costs $150?!

So the new iBooks, the MacBooks, are finally here. The feature set looks great and the pricepoints are okay, too. That’s for the white MacBooks. I spent a few minutes comparing the white 2.0GHz and the black 2.0GHz. Same specs, except 20GB more HD (a $50 option on the white MacBook) and couldn’t find any other differences, other than the color that is. So does black really cost $150 or am I just dazed?

6 thoughts on “Black costs $150?!”

  1. Yep, thats right from what I can tell… But at least the jar of Vaseline that they are using to screw you is better looking then it;s competitors.


  2. I think it’s a good business move. They’ll make a mess load on the ones that do sell. Those who have the black iPod or others may want it bad enough to spring for it.

    Personally, I’m leaning already toward the 2 ghz white- it’s time to upgrade my 500 mhz G3… oh is it time…

  3. I think that apple is trying to make some extra money, and hoping that nobody will find out on what they are trying to do with the black macbook.

  4. I was at the Rosedale store last night and Scottie’s right. These machines are sexy. Noticeably thinner, awesome magnetic latching system, the magsafe battery connector is what a battery charger should be.

    I may wait for Leopard to grab one, or their first revision. The feature set is so similar to the entry level MacBook Pro that I think it’s a lot of machine for the money!
    And I like this:

    “Below the two RAM slots (at the base of the battery cavity) is where you’ll find the MacBook’s hard disk drive. Without disassembling the notebook, users will be able to quickly removing some protective aluminum shielding and lift the drive out of the computer.” (from

    I’m betting I can find 2 GB RAM for less than the $500 that Apple wants me to pay for preloading it.

  5. You are right, it is a lot of machine for the money. I got to play with a white MacBook at the office today and it was sweet. One minor thing that I really liked was the revised dome shaped “feet” on the bottom. You don’t have to worry about those old rubber feet falling off ever again. I ordered a black MacBook for work and will get it on Monday. I can’t wait. I will bring it to the next geek gather which I am assuming is going to be after the Rhone wedding?

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