Windows on the MacBook

This process has been very painful which is a surprise to me. After hearing all the success others have had installing XPPro SP2 on there MacBooks via Boot Camp I thought it would be pretty easy. It has not been. For whatever reason the MacBook does not like the BRAND NEW fukin’ copy of XP Pro SP2 I purchased from CompUSA. I finally got the machine to accept the CD and begin the install but half way through it spit the disk out and asked for a different one. Then I could never again (in wins or mac) get the MacBook to see the XP Pro SP2 disk. Looking at the disk it looks a little bit thicker than your average disk. I don’t know if it’s the disk itself or the film sh!t they put over the top. Anyway, so I put it in my Mac and used Toast to burn a copy to a standard CD-R. The MacBook takes that copy just fine. So, now I am reinstalling Win XP Pro SP2 from the backup copy I made of Win XP Pro Sp2 on my Mac. Geesh. I’ll let you know how it goes.